Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh

Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh

I am Prof. (Dr.)Md. Sadique Shaikh qualified M.Sc. (Electronics), M.Tech. (IT), MBA(HRM), MBA (Marketing), M.Phil (Management), Ph.D (Management), Doctorate in Management Studies (International Business), DBA (Hon.), D.Sc. (Hon.), PGDM along with 5 honorary doctorate awards in social work, artificial intelligence, and psychology, and two International Ph.D. (Hon). I previously worked for Dhariwal College Jamner, DDNB College Bhusawal, Nahata College Bhusawsl, ASC College Bhalod, IMS Sakegaon, ISTM Mumbai and Abhijyot Institute of Management Pune as Assistant Professor, Director, and BDO. Presently, I am running my own study centre EduDream in Bhusawal and Jalgaon as Director with various international positions, roles and responsibilities as Scientist in AI, International Author/Speaker/Reviewer/OCM/TPC etc across the world.

Achievements of Dr Shaikh

He has published 67 international books, including 11 books republished in 9 international languages, 137 research papers, and more than 150 conference papers. Delivered invited talks at various conferences, symposiums, and webinars across the world. He is an organising committee member, a technical committee member, an editor, and the chief editor of several reputed journals and conferences. He is honoured with Bharat Bhushan Samman, Best Citizen of India, Rashtriya Samaj Seva Ratan, Maharashtra Ratan, Padma Gaurav, Bharat Gaurav, Rashtriya Prathishta Puraskar awards from Govt. Of India and RULA Best Researcher Award, RULA Scientists Award, VDGOOD distinguished Scientists Award, VDGOOD outstanding scientist award, Man of Excellence Award, ISSN most ambitious Researcher of the year award, ISSN innovative Researcher in technology and management Award, outstanding educationist and Researcher of business management- Education Icon Award, Iconic torch bearer of 2021- Excellence in Instructional Leadership Radhakrishanan Award, FoxClues Best author award, Mahatma Gandhi Nobel peace award , Dr. B.R Ambedkar Notional Pride , Maharashtra Gaurav Puraskar, Samaj Bhushan, Ideal Director Award with others 36 prestigious awards. He has set world records in the world record book as "Most Humanoid Activities Undertaken" and in the Continental World Record Book as "Most Innovative Thinker in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics," among others. He is honoured as the "Father of Artificial Intelligence" in the Star Book of World Records. His success story, cover story, and interviews were published by leading magazines such as FoxStory India, Success Magazine, Brandz Magazine, RNTalks Magazine, Indian Achievers Forum, Hindustan Bytes, and so on. His biography and video biography were published by premium news channels. He is an advanced thinker in Artificial intelligence and business management with world recognition. He has reviewed 3 books, 46 research papers, and 41 conference papers. He is an expert member of the Academic Exchange Information Centre of AiScholar, Japan, and has membership in the London Journal Press. He has participated in 3 "Nobel Prize" events: "Our Planet, Our Future" in 2021, "Future of Life" in 2022, and "Truth, Trust, and Hope" in 2023. He has designed and run several programmes and campaigns on serious environmental issues like "Plastic free planet, paperless work to save trees, save trees, save nature, water harvesting and save water, towards Non-conventional energy sources, hydrogen fuels, algae as fuel, biodiesel and biomass production awareness, pollution control initiatives for water, air, soil, and noise, cow dunk cake as excellent fuel with nutshell impurities in it, cow urine as organic fertiliser, organic farming, save nature, plants, birds, animals, and insects for ecological and sustainable future, forests are the heart of life, and so on.

International author and speaker – Dr Shaikh

Today I would like to give my message to young generation is

“Misinformation, Disinformation and Mal-Information kill to Humanity, Social ethics and human rights”

Hence be honest informer and honest to information…

I am Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh want to interact very first let me begin with terms I used thoroughly in this interaction ‘Misinformation, Disinformation and Mal-information’. Untrue information caused great damaged to the humanity and spreading now days on fake news channels, low quality newspapers and fake or intended social medias accounts to kill human values called infodemic.  Misinformation is “false information “ spread out intentionally to harm society’s with harmful agendas and personal greed’s whereas Disinformation is completely Misinformation, that is true information completely masked or replaced with untrue information with wrong, personal, business or political agendas. Here is point to discuss and distinguish between two is Misinformation is “Manipulated” in actual factual information whereas Disinformation is “Masked/Replaced” completely actual factual information. Now the last “Mal-information” that stems from true information and manipulated and exaggerated in a way that to mislead to the society’s and mankind with intended wrong agendas which are spread out continuously with specific duration on social media’s and other media’s as fresh information to misguide humankind. Now you became familiar with these terms hence, I want to convey my thoughts to my international students and faculties is that what I personally think as the root causes of Misinformation, Disinformation and Malinformation spread out are “We” means “Believers of Information”.  If the “Believers of the information” are “Honest” and makes their “Belief-System” either information is original and fact or Fake Information to mislead with harmful or greedy or violent intentions and who is the origin of it after deep thinking, judgments, enquiries, fact findings, discussion to form “Knowledge of information” either it’s True information or Misinformation, Disinformation or Malinformation. And if it is disinformation or misinformation “We” must be “The honest believers” and have to discontinue to further spread out that piece of misinformation or disinformation with boycott those fake social media information accounts, fake news channels, fake print media’s, fake press releases and so on and also create awareness campaigns against it to further spread and counsel to those who became victims of such a disinformation or misinformation with “Blind Faith “ like this information is provided by my known and favorite means 100% information is accurate though it’s 100% wrong and fake as India facing such a scenario since longtime majority trust worthy news channels in India only broadcast fake news every day on different subjects and those subjects not for peace, unity and integrity instead of violence, religion discrimination and religions phobia to destroy peace of our Nation India and other side equally fake developments in country, false financial and economical status reports after demonetization, fake news on GST benefits and likewise many more. Hence I want to conclude Misinformation or Disinformation can be stop with “reverse thinking of peace lovers “against of “forward thinking of peace heaters “ can say in another words “violence lover’s”. I conclude Misinformation or Disinformation existence based on three aspects 1, “Creator of Misinformation/Disinformation, 2, Promoters of Misinformation/Disinformation and 3, Believers of Misinformation/Disinformation “. This is the model I extracted and here creators and promoters of misinformation/disinformation are working on salaries with wrong agenda, mislead to humankind, to transform their beliefs in society for dictatorship with wrong intentions those are extremely harmful to humanity. Hence “We” the “Honest believers for right information” need to reverse this forward misinformation/disinformation model as to boycott news channels, press releases, newspapers, websites and social media accounts and pages responsible for fake news publications and distribution with “No likes, No shares, mark as spam” that filtering blind faith people from you to recognize and poor response down misinformation/disinformation sources promoters and ultimately to creators to down economically, fail them in their harmful intentions and de-motivating them to further spread out Misinformation/Disinformation/Malinformation. But today’s reality is every one used to likes, shares without knowing the truth or knew the truth but don’t want to accept it to win wrong agenda people. Without reason’s either people feel jealous with each other and political parties and other enemies of humanity and peace taking advantages of it, in India always issue “Religions” to give strength to Misinformation/Disinformation or people don’t want to make their sense with spreading information is fact or fake because they feel themselves representatives of the misinformation or disinformation originators though they don’t know them personally. In last conclude to stop Misinformation/Disinformation spread out as Creators and Promoters of engaged to construct it from forward direction “We” need to break its chain and destruct it from reverse direction with our “Honest beliefs” and believers of truth and factual information with dislike, no shares, no comments or comments reporting misinformation or disinformation also oppose to news channels engaged to broadcast fake news with wrong intentions, ad’s sponsored have to discontinue their advertisement contracts with such a new channels to enforce them to broadcast fact based news etc. Hence the conclusion is “We” become “honest believers” and gives “negative response “to disinformation or misinformation it will “weak chain “and discourage to the people who engaged in it and “break” it to further spread out on social media and other sources also in contrast if believers “positive response “to disinformation or misinformation it’s chain become more “strong chain” for rapid spread of misinformation or disinformation on all information sources.

Dr Shaikh "Father of Artificial Intelligence", Star Book of World Records

Till the age of 21 years old, I didn’t know why I had enrolled in an M.Sc. in Electronics after my graduation in the same, because at that time my huge interest was only in computers and I was very curious about knowing and learning new programming languages. I thought I was in a compromised condition due to my low score in the board examination, and unfortunately, I was unable to get admission in computer science. But always God knows what is best for us and why he made this decision for me, which I thought was against what I wanted from God's side. After my post-graduation, I started my career as a Jr. Lecturer near my native place and also enrolled in MBA HRM. After marketing, I seriously considered switching my career completely from science to management education, but as my life matured, my interest directed me again towards science with my research interests in "Nanotechnology" and "Artificial Intelligence" and I used to spend my major time with these research fields after my job, which every day bloomed my mind with new and newer ideas. And that confined interest in it reached my name as one of the youngest scientists and advanced thinkers in AI at the world level, with more than 96 research papers in AI out of 158 till date, 78 conference presentations, and talks, followed by 48 books on subjects, 11 of which were republished in 9 international languages. I am a strong believer in modelling-based teaching, learning, and research in AI areas. In this way, I switched to different goals in my life.

Sadique Shaikh about AI and other technologies

Automatons, Humanoids, Androids, Orgonoids, and IT ITC, IoE, Internet, and Communication technologies are the backbone of our present work-life support system, and we can’t refuse this fact. Technology, AI, and Automation make our lives accurate, comfortable, and fast, while equally reducing the "Physical Employment" of humankind. Also, it's a strong need of the day to design, engineer, and build human-friendly robots and robotics programmes that do not harm our civilization if it happens in contrast or if robots become self-programmable, it would be caused by "robotic Violence" Also, now a days, IT, the Internet, and social media are primary sources of "Privacy Spoliation, Misinformation/Disinformation/Malinformation".  Also, now that "generative AI and Chat GPT are in reach of everyone, use them wisely in favour of, not against, human ethics. Lots of things have to be discussed, but time is limited, so I want to conclude "Build and use AI and Technologies in favour of mankind while keeping our planet, ecosystem, environment, and nature in mind".

Prof. (Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh, Professor of Interdisciplinary Education and Research

Instead of introducing myself everywhere as "Professor of Science and Management" I used to say I was "Professor of Interdisciplinary Education and Research" I thought we shouldn’t have to bound and restrict ourselves with the mindset that I have to finish my Graduation, Post-graduation, and Ph.D. in what subject our brain is only capable and able to understand topics in that subject and we only have the skills to teach, learn, and research in that subject. Please don’t create such boundaries for yourselves: "You are an educator, and that is enough to set and acquire knowledge of different subjects and research in them". Being honest professors, it’s our prime responsibility to motivate and build an interdisciplinary education system." I used to practise "model-based teaching, learning, and research," and I request that all of you implement it in your education system for a close understanding of subject topics and excellent performance of students and research fellows.

Research scientists’ skills

According to me, we all must have followed all the fundamental principles and guidelines prepared by a few eminent scientists and Nobel Laureates across the world to conduct deep, fundamental, either theoretical or practical or applied research while keeping its social impact and positive and negative impacts on our planet and its environment in mind. One honest scientist does not initiate his or her creative and innovative research for self-benefits or to sell its patent and earn from business brands; rather, he or she works for how to make humanity and human life on planet earth better with peace and no harmful effect with factual data, deep analysis, judgements, and tests with research conducted to clarify and confirm the aims and objectives of research. Always work hard, be honest, be sincere, be devoted, and be dedicated with huge interest and inner happiness, curious to know new and new things every day. You will also see numerous new possibilities for further research in your mind. Best of luck...

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