Dr. Hari Krishna Karri, Faculty member


I am Dr. Hari Krishna Karri, currently serving as a faculty member specializing in Accounting and Finance at the College of Economics and Business Administration, University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Muscat, Oman. With a rich tapestry of 22 years of experience, I have seamlessly woven together my expertise in teaching and industry, contributing to both academia and corporate realms.



Dr. Hari Krishna Karri professional journey


My journey has been a dynamic blend of academia and industry. After teaching various Accounting and Finance courses for MBA students at colleges affiliated with Osmania University and JNTU Hyderabad, I transitioned into the corporate sphere. I had the privilege of working with esteemed organizations, including Deloitte in the US taxation division. Driven by my passion for education, I chose to return to the teaching field, where I believe my real calling lies.



Dr. Hari Krishna Karri subjects


My core subjects revolve around the intricate realms of Accounting and Finance. I take pride in imparting knowledge on specialized courses that cater to the nuances of these disciplines, ensuring my students are well-equipped for the challenges of the professional world.



Dr. Hari Krishna Karri Accounting and Finance Library YouTube


In an effort to share knowledge beyond the classroom, I established the "Accounting and Finance Library" on YouTube. This channel serves as a virtual repository where I share insights, experiences, and lessons from both my teaching and industry background. It's a platform aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of Accounting and Finance concepts.



Dr. Hari Krishna Karri mentorship


My approach to mentoring is rooted in fostering holistic development. I believe in creating an engaging and interactive learning environment, encouraging critical thinking and practical application of theoretical concepts. I strive to be not just an instructor but a mentor who guides and inspires students to reach their full potential.



Industry specific skills of Dr. Hari Krishna Karri


Drawing from my experience in both teaching and industry, my skills encompass a comprehensive understanding of US taxation, a proficiency developed during my tenure at Deloitte. Additionally, I bring a nuanced perspective on the integration of technology in the field, exemplified by my participation as a speaker on Blockchain Technology in a webinar organized by the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India.



Dr. Hari Krishna Karri, speaker


I have had the privilege of participating as a speaker in various international conferences and webinars. These include seminars on financial literacy, workshops on industry trends, and conferences where I've shared insights from both academic and practical perspectives. It's been a rewarding experience connecting with professionals and enthusiasts in the field. These opportunities have allowed me to contribute to the global discourse on advancements in Accounting and Finance, further enriching my perspective and the knowledge shared on my YouTube channel.

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