Dr. Padmini Cheerla

Dr. Padmini Cheerla, Head, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), IIECP-IGIP Certified, Innovative Ambassador, Vardhaman College of Engineering


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This is Dr. Padmini Cheerla, Head, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Core Member of EPICS at Vardhaman, and Assistant Professor in the Dept. of ECE. Dr. Padmini Cheerla is a dedicated professional with a rich background in education management and communication skills. As the Head of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Vardhaman College of Engineering, she spearheads initiatives to nurture future entrepreneurs by fostering innovative ideas and solutions.


I feel privileged to introduce myself as the leader of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell, wherein we build the future Entrepreneurs with their Innovative ideas under our CRIF Vardhaman Section 8 Company. EPICS is another wing that I am leading, in which we build our graduates with a social responsibility, make the students out-of box thinkers, and give Innovative solutions to real-world problems. In EPICS, we sensitize the students to be empathic towards the needs of the community and give solutions to the community partners. Additionally, she imparts knowledge in the fields of hardware security and cryptanalysis, guiding students through fundamental courses and advanced research projects.



Experience and Expertise


Dr. Padmini Cheerla's educational and professional experiences are as follows:



  • Graduated from Osmania University with a specialization in Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  • Master's degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Ananthapur, in Digital Electronics and Computer Systems.
  • Earned a Ph.D. from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, focusing on hardware security, specifically cryptanalysis, under the guidance of Dr. JVR Ravindra. 

Research Experience:

  • Accumulated ten years of research experience.
  • Published approximately 20 papers in IEEE conferences and Scopus journals.
  • Undertook a research project under the Women Scientist Scheme (WOS-A) of DST, focusing on designing secure hardware using the Chip Whisperer Hardware kit.
  • Acquired around 5 patents covering various areas of research and societal issues.

Professional Experience:

  • Engaged in academia for approximately 18 years with an additional 2 years of industrial experience.
  • Specializes in teaching core courses and community-driven courses.
  • Passionate about introducing innovative teaching-learning pedagogies and fostering the startup ecosystem on campus.


A Passionate Academician Helping Students Achieve Goals


Teaching has always been my passion. I was deeply inspired by the impactful examples set by my own teachers, whose dedication and guidance transformed me from an average individual to a high achiever. Witnessing the profound influence of exceptional educators on my life motivated me to pursue a career in academia. I firmly believe that a good academician plays a vital role in shaping not only individual lives but also society as a whole. The ultimate satisfaction for me comes from seeing my students excel and achieve their goals, knowing that I have contributed to their success and the betterment of society.



Contributions to Women's Empowerment


As a woman, I have consistently shown empathy towards female students in academics and female colleagues in the workplace. Believing that actions speak louder than words, I strive to be a living example of empowerment. My approach involves recognizing the potential in individuals and guiding them towards success, whether they are students or colleagues. Over the past two decades, I have dedicated myself to inspiring numerous students to achieve their aspirations and have also mentored colleagues to become leaders in their fields. My commitment to women's empowerment is evident in my efforts to nurture talent and provide pathways for personal and professional grown. I have also worked on women eempowermentby training the rural women on entrepreneurship Which is funded by an amount of 1.5L by DST.



Startup Initiatives of Aspiring Entrepreneurs among Students


In the past four months, I've spearheaded nine startup proposals from my students, successfully launching five initiatives. Currently, I'm refining the remaining four proposals to align them with market strategies. These startups venture into innovative sectors such as Edutech, Agritech, and Meditech. To foster entrepreneurship among students, I organize inspirational talks, entrepreneurship workshops, and hackathons like I-Hack and the Smart India Hackathon. These events follow a structured approach with phases including Ideate, Innovate, and Incubate, cultivating an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset among the students.



Startups or Entrepreneurship in College for a Better Future


The primary purpose of introducing a startup or entrepreneurship ecosystem in college is to foster a mindset of innovation and creativity among students. By encouraging entrepreneurship, the aim is to transform students into proactive individuals who can create job opportunities rather than solely seek employment. Entrepreneurial education cultivates out-of-the-box thinking, instills a willingness to take risks, and empowers students to make bold decisions through market analysis.



Purpose and Motivation for a Mentor


The continuous flow of ideas from my students and their innovative thought processes keep me engaged and updated with the younger generation. Every day brings opportunities to learn new things and explore possibilities for improving lives, which serves as a constant source of motivation. Additionally, the challenges and opportunities presented by the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem drive me to seek innovative solutions and embrace new challenges.




Dr. Padmini Cheerla

Head, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE),

IIECP-IGIP Certified, Innovative Ambassador, Vardhaman College of Engineering,

Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

E-mail id: c.padmini@vardhaman.org,

cie@vardhaman.org, dr.cheerla1999@gmail.com,

Mobile: +9- 9100940551



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