Laxmikanth, Founder and CEO, PETFOLK


I am Laxmikanth, the founder and CEO of PETFOLK. I am passionate about technology and pet welfare, and I have dedicated my career to merging these interests to create solutions that enhance the lives of pets and their parents.



Petfolk and its Services


Petfolk is a comprehensive platform designed to cater all the needs of pet parents. We offer a range of services, including Pet Grooming Services (Mobile, B&C), Online Veterinary Consultations through Pet AI, Pet Boarding Aggregator, Pet Supplements and an Online Store for pet supplies. Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution for pet care, making it convenient and accessible for pet parents to give their pets the best possible care.



Petfolk: Enhancing Pet Care Quality Services


The inspiration for Petfolk came from my own experiences as a pet parent. I realised how challenging it can be to find reliable and quality services for pets. There was a clear need for a platform that could streamline these services and provide pet parents with peace of mind. I wanted to create something that would improve the lives of both pets and their parents by making high-quality pet care easily accessible.



Educational and Professional Background Of Laxmikanth


I hold a degree in science from Osmania University, and I have a professional background in management with experience in both technology and business development. Prior to founding Petfolk, I worked in various countries, where I gained valuable insights into business experience that I now apply to my work at Petfolk.



Petfolk Application : Your Pet Parenting Partner


Our Petfolk application offers a variety of services, including:


- Grooming services: Scheduled at your convenience.

- Pet Boarding Aggregator: A trusted partner for suggesting caregivers for your pets.

- Training sessions: For behaviour and obedience through our network

- Online store: A wide range of pet supplies and products.



Petfolk : Your Trusted Partner for Pet Well- Being and Happiness


Our mission at Petfolk is to enhance the well-being of pets by providing comprehensive and accessible care services. Our vision is to become the leading platform for pet care, known for our reliability, quality, and commitment to the health and happiness of pets and their parents.



Petfolk : Values and Ideals


Our core values include:

- Compassion: For pets and their parents.

- Quality: In all the services and products we offer.

- Innovation: Continuously improving and evolving our platform.

- Integrity: Maintaining trust and transparency with our customers.



An Insight to Aspiring Entrepreneurs


My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to stay passionate and persistent. Understand your market deeply, listen to your customers, and be ready to adapt. Building a startup is challenging, but with dedication and a clear vision, you can achieve great success.

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