Kiran Kumar - Founder & CEO of Rise Trainings  

My name is Kiran Kumar Chemudugunta, M. Pharm, (Ph. D), an entrepreneur from Chellayapalem (Village), SPSR Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh. I have one and a half decade of expertise in to Pharmacovigilance (Drug Safety) & Computerized System Validation. I have worked for MNC’s like HCL Technologies, Icon Clinical Research, Cognizant, Bioclinica & TechMahindra prior to establishing Rise Trainings, Nellore. 

I am passionate about Pharma IT education, guiding health care, life science post graduates and graduates which resulted in establishment of Rise Trainings on 28-Jun-2018. 

The Rise of Rise Trainings

We started it like a side hustle over the weekend out of passion and perseverance. We have reached out to 3000 students and professionals through our seminars, webinars and social media. We trained 400 plus students, i.e. trained both in online & offline modes across India from different states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra (Mumbai & Pune) & Ahmedabad. Due to recent pandemic covid in 2019, 2020 and 2021 we had unprecedented rise in our admissions across globe, including overseas from countries like United States, Germany, Australia & Canada. On average 4-6 students and professionals are getting jobs and placements monthly through our institute. 

How do you work as a team?

Rise Trainings team consists 25 plus trainers with 13 plus of life science industry expertise, in multiple departments including Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research & Medical Coding. Our operations team of 4 members are working with 4 freelancers currently. We are slowly on boarding full time resources based on our growth in 2022. We train our resources and motivate them based on their performance and results, which were achieving on daily basis. 

How do you build a highly motivated team?

We take care of the healthy work culture and their wellbeing. We do review their work through weekly sessions and give constructive positive feedback to keep them motivated. 

Uplifting yourself in tough times

Coming from rural middle-class background, tough times are nothing new or first time to me. I persevere by reading books of entrepreneurs, inspire by their success stories on YouTube and listening to pod casts of coaches. I am a quick learner and learn by past mistakes and plan my future through strong decisive nature. I always believed in the quote, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. 

Approach on target market

For offline market we are doing seminars by approaching Pharmacy, Nursing and Life sciences colleges through our known network. For online and digital space, we are targeting through digital marketing and social media marketing channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp.

A big shot who has influenced you

In recent times, Byju's CEO “Byju Raveendran” influenced me a lot, his journey fascinated me. In simple words, what a best teacher can do to the education sector and how one can built one of the best edtech in India.


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