Binshad B Kasim, Founder, BABBLETYM
I am Binshad B Kasim, residing in a village named Kunnathery in Aluva, Ernakulam, Kerala. I’ve completed my B.Tech in Safety and Fire Engineering from Toc H Institute of Science and Technology. Right after completing my graduation, I started a business with 3 of my friends who were my schoolmates. That business was based on the distribution of water treatment chemicals and the construction of water treatment plants. We ran this business for 1.5 years successfully, then the great pandemic (Corona) hit.

We are providing premium kid’s wear with our own brand name, BABBLETYM. Right now, we are manufacturing dresses for babies from 0-3 years old with our unique designs. The fabrics we use for making kid’s wear are kind of unique to the Indian market as they are more sustainable and herbal fabrics. The unique designs of BABBLETYM are done by a graduated and well-qualified designer, Ms. Neethu Jose.
We are like an E-Commerce brand and you can find us mainly on our E-Commerce site, that is,, and the other major sites in this field, such as, Flipkart, etc. Currently, we are deliverable all over India.

A path to follow

The dream of becoming an engineer has been in my heart since I was young. So, I tried harder and got admission to the engineering field I liked most. Then I found that engineering was not what I needed. I want to give people job opportunities. It is my goal to give at least some of the better jobs to those who are less fortunate. The only way I could accomplish that was by doing a business on my own.
I always had this passion for fashion and I liked all kinds of businesses related to kids. So, when I graduated, I started planning to do business, but at that point, I had no experience in doing business, or any knowledge of how my family was doing business. That was when my friends called and told me about the idea of water treatment. That was a huge success based on the investment we made. But when Corona hit, everything started to collapse. And then, I believed that it was my time to move on to do my dream project.

A fashion-forward approach
When I thought of a business based on kids, I mainly focused on the two fields, which are fashion and toys. Then I started researching in both fields. Both are equally good. But since I like the field of fashion and clothing, I chose this as my profession. I traveled across the major fashion and textile markets of the country for over a year. I learned a lot about textiles and the textile market. It is a billion-dollar market around the world. The cuteness of the dress is also highly regarded by kids. And so is the quality. Once parents get the best designs and products for their babies, they won't be concerned about the price.

What makes sustainable fashion different from other products?
Sustainability is something we do not just do for the current generation; we do it for future generations by preserving the resources and natural beauty of our mother earth for them. In fashion, sustainability mainly focuses on the fabrics we use for the production of our clothing. Other or commonly used fabrics in this market, such as cotton, will do no good to the environment when discarded.

How does your fabric offer a unique offering to the industry?
The fabrics we mainly use for the production of our kid’s brand-Babbletym are HEMP, ORGANIC COTTON, BAMBOO RAYON, etc., which are more herbal and sustainable fabrics. These fabrics have the benefit that they can be worn in all weather conditions. While wearing these in summer, they will provide a cooling effect for the one who wears them, and in winter, vice versa. So, these fabrics will be most suitable for kids. And they will look good. Of course, the fabric is a bit costly, but they provide as much quality too.
In terms of sustainability, these fabrics will degrade and be disposed of on the earth in a shorter period than other fabrics on the market. These fabrics are naturally cultivated without the use of any chemicals, and the yarn is made directly from the plant fibers. So, these fabrics will not cause any itching or be allergic to the person wearing them.

How do you envision your company evolving in the years to come?
This year, BABBLETYM will surely hit one of the major e-commerce markets in the kid’s wear section. After holding a fixed market in this field, we are planning to expand our brand widely. In the coming years, we will start retail stores and will start a franchise model business all over India. Babbletym is surely reaching a place where parents will say, without even thinking, that BABBLETYM is the premium brand they use for their kids.


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